Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cult of Gracie Radio with Randall Radic Post-Show Notes

Randall Radic was my second guest on Cult of Gracie Radio and he was as interesting as I thought he would be ~ perhaps even more so as he touched upon an area I'm very passionate about, namely the fact that sex and love, while not mutually exclusive, are not the same thing and ought not be confused for one another.

This is something explored in his recently published memoir, The Sound Of Meat (published by Ephemera Bound*), and while Radic is self-effacing, claiming his self-knowledge was gained via lessons as painful and obvious as being hit in the head with a board, this a valuable life-lesson most could use. It's a topic which I hope to explore more with Radic in another interview ~ after I've read his book.

Radic also mentioned upcoming books of his (Dining With Cannibals: A Priest's Memoir of His Six Months in Jail, and a non-fiction book on priests who have embezzled) to be published by ECW Press. Both are presumed to be out in a year or so; keep an eye on ECW for news.

I don't know if it's appropriate to call a convicted felon "charming & intelligent", but I'm going to. Randall Radic was a charming and intelligent guest.

If you missed the show, you can listen to the archived show (and download as a podcast) here.

As mentioned, there will be no Cult of Gracie Radio on May 7th, as I will be on vacation; I recommend giving a listen to SWOP East's XBN.

*Disclosure Note: Gracie Passette is an editor with Ephemera Bound.

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