Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sixx:A.M. At Nine P.M.

There's been a change in the line-up. Tonight at 9 p.m. (central) Cult of Gracie on XXBN will have as guests DJ Ashba and James Michael from the band SIXX:A.M.

One of the break out bands from 2007, they, along with Nikki Sixx (co-founder of the legendary rock band, Mötley Crüe), created The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack the soundtrack to the Nikki Sixx's The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star, a collection of his journal entries from 1986 and 1987, chronicling his drug addiction, descent into paranoia and depression, and his subsequent recovery.

The number one single from the soundtrack was Life is Beautiful.

SIXX:A.M.' latest release is Pray for Me; this is the uncensored version:

The band will perform at this summer's Crue Fest with Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Trapt and Papa Roach ~ and tonight, you can listen live and call in.

UPDATE: Post-show notes here.

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