Friday, August 8, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • @SilentPornStar Me too! Long Live TCM! #
  • Following @SilentPornStar to bed :p #
  • @JessicaWakeman If it's on your head, you'll be OK Elsewhere...? Yeesh. lol #
  • @PajamasMedia Are we sure boys just didn't lower their aptitude? And if not, "Wo0t, we still are behind how many countries?" Off to read it #
  • @aagblog lol #
  • @kevinrose I hear ya on the football thing. Moved from WI to ND, been weird not to have a team ~ but weirder not to have the glut of news #
  • @RedLightChicago I'm slow to do things like this ~ not just cuz I'm old, but because MySpace ruined any ideas I had abut social networking. #
  • Time to leave the house again today ~ see, I do do that! #
  • @uncool01 That's what being rational is: knowing when u're inconsistent and looking at why. Not being some fixed robot spewing the same line #
  • The widgets @nprpolitics showcased are awesome! #
  • @uncool01 There are many of us who feel that writing/blogging is as much about the discussion with yourself as it is others #
  • @uncool01 unexamined life and all that ;) #
  • @aagblog You're so right is awesome ~ totally gonna whore it (and give you cred, of course!) #
  • Does twitter force one to regress? Limited spaces force slag ~ but the worst part is, I've used "awesome" twice today... Hey there 80's! #
  • I want my twitter/tweet back ~ missing "n" is driving me crazy. #
  • @SilentPornStar OMG is the new 2 awesomes & a totally. #
  • If someone could, pls, explain why anyone uses pop-up ads? And they call me a whore. #
  • @raquelita I find if you write confuzzeling, like I do, most readers have their heads quizzically tilted. Will that help your rotation? #
  • @ellie_lumpesse that implies the fucking isn't free? #
  • @ellie_lumpesse Yeah, true dat; but you can't stop me either :p #
  • Wo0t! @GloriaBrame is here! #
  • @RedLightChicago Visualize the hard-on; be the hard-on ;) #
  • @SilentPornStar My pleasure, babe. #
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