Saturday, August 9, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • Got a haircut ~ then impulsively colored it too, just add water. (Seriously!) So it's wine with grey streaks for this cougar :p #
  • Why is everyone so surprised Edwards had an affair? Power + Loneliness = Coupling Surprised he lied about it? Then stop judging people 4 it #
  • Retweet: @SilentPornStar: I'm on Radio Blowfish Thanks, @BlowfishTwitter & @Xof #
  • @Alessia_Brio Ya as if living a political life wasn't already facing a form of death. What an isolated existence lived in a glass fishbowl. #
  • @uncool01 May my hugs help you be more of a ducky ~ helping let this roll off your back. It's just crap. I'll blog on it later. #
  • @Alessia_Brio Hey, sex pros know ;) Sex workers don't just know anatomy, ya know... #
  • @Orchardo I've missed you! #
  • @DPopTart It's Xpressive by Bigen (V-7 Fine Wine, specifically) #
  • Congrats retweet for @DPotTart ~ made @BoingBoing : Thanks @Frauenfelder :) #
  • @GoodVibesSF 's 15% Anal Sex Sale sounds like an instruction. I need more caffeine... And a cig. Steppin' out for that... #
  • This place is like crack. I need to walk away ~ and lock the door, hiding the key. Sheesh! #
  • And then there's this... McConaughey to plant placenta in orchard: #
  • Aren't you supposed to save the placenta for poss treatment for future medical issues? #
  • @kevinrose I'd suggest mine ;) But honestly, if you're into sex history... see @SilentPornStar Her site is fun. Naughty, but fun! #
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