Friday, August 15, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • Can anybody recommend to @hangfirebooks Twitter desktop interfaces? He's trying Twitterlicious but not getting updates... #
  • @Jbsys Thanks, I'll pass it along to @hangfirebooks ! #
  • @hangfirebooks ~ @Jbsys says to try TweetDeck, it's in Beta. #
  • retweet from @MarketingProfs More on blogs: Do you worry about the legal ramifications of blogging? #
  • @hangfirebooks Memory issues? You or the puter? :p I don't know anything about these tools ~ I use Firefox and keep a tab at Twitter open. #
  • May or may not be relevant... Esp to Edwards "scandal" (kinda like a re-run lol) #
  • @AustinCline That (Death Before Tolerance or Equality: little b.. ) is just the grandest thing you wrote! #
  • @AustinCline First isn't always the best; you said it well. And people need reminders ~ there's so much to consume. #
  • @TrailerTrashGrl LOL #
  • @audaciaray Congrats! #
  • retweet from @nprpolitics : Clinton's Name To Be Placed In Nomination #
  • XXBN Post Tropical Update with XXBN Crown Weather forecaster Rob Lightbown #
  • Yippie! A night at home to watch Burn Notice! #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: Hey, my Nina Hartley show is featured on BlogTalkRadi.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Today's Delicious Links: Today's Delicious Links Links for 2008-08-13.. #
  • @violetblue Can't decide if that corp is cool, or creepy. #
  • @jillbrenneman Oh, I hope Jilli is OK! (You too, dear) #
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