Saturday, August 16, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • XXBN Post Hey, Stooopid Bush Administration, Birth Control Is NOT Abortion #
  • With all due respect to @copyblogger, I'm really disappointed with that article by Morrow #
  • @audaciaray That banking situation sucks. #
  • Marketing Whore Says The Assumptions About Links & Comments: With all due resp.. #
  • Marketing Whore Says This Week's Links: This week's marketing links from my De.. #
  • @larryflynt retweet: The only question to ask yourself is, how much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve this success? #
  • Oh thank gawd I hear his tires on the gravel drive ~ my tummy was about to digest itself & he's bringing dinner! #
  • Sugasm is back up, but weeks behind... #
  • Cult Of Gracie Today's Delicious Links: Today's Delicious Links Links for 2008-08-14.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: Can anybody recommend to @hangfirebooks Twitter deskt.. #
  • He sits 4 ft behind me with his headphone on listening to tunes. Does he not know that he is the one who left TV on?? :sigh: Men. #
  • @scarletlotus reminds you to take a break from the computer to reduce eye strain Would also serve as a cig break reminder #
  • @xenijardin "i only give a shit about "manga" when it's a bostonian trying to pronounce the name of a popular, sweet tropical fruit" ROFL #
  • Spitz either loves the word "epic" or has stroke saying it. #
  • Heh Heh Spitz & stroke :p #
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