Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: @unspeakableaxe ND normally votes republican for prez.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: I'm hosting another Ca.. #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: I am the hostess goo goo g'joob : Posted By gracie Last ca.. #
  • With TwitterFeed I beat myself here! #
  • @Xof "Yes on 12. I mean, c'mon. " LOL #
  • @CallieSimms Still cannot DM you... Is Oct 8 ok with you? Will email you today too. #
  • Apparently everyone wants me to out myself; must provide my own sense of reason. :sigh: #
  • XXBN Post Cult of Gracie Radio With Amber Rhea #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: Kindness Of Strangers Art : Posted By Silent-Porn-Star A group .. #
  • @CallieSimms Are you asking if you can call in during the show with Amber? If so, answer: Hell Yes! lol #
  • Sex~Kitten: Amber Rhea On Cult Of Gracie : On Wednesday, September 24th, I'll be chat.. #
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