Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • XXBN Post Carnival Of The Liberals, #74 #
  • @CallieSimms It's two dates then; Oct 8th and tonight ;) #
  • Carnival of the Liberals #74 is up! #
  • @amberrhea on Cult of Gracie (on XXBN) tonight ~ Do NOT miss it! #
  • Can I get a little help here? Join the conversation in the comments, please #
  • @audaciaray Don't let the ignorant Facebook folk or anyone else get you down. Here's a big hug (and no, I won't cop a feel!) #
  • @intheloop Smitten Kitten rocks, that's why! #
  • Seriously, no one's going to give me a little back-up & comment on the CoTL post? #
  • @sisterstalk Seriously? Why you hatin' on legal drug users who have less support ~ ZERO support ~ when compared to illegal drug users? #
  • @cyrillem Congrats on your new collie! (So comforting to read such simple goodness today too!) #
  • Wonders why @SaveRoe isn't Twittering or even using RSS... Sad, really. #
  • @amberlrhea Seriously? Hey, I knew it smelled odd... Who doesn't get how carnival hosting goes? Tnx & talk to YOU tonight! #
  • @sisterstalk We should do a show on this... Up for it? #
  • So loving #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: @unspeakableaxe ND nor.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie I Am The Hostess Goo Goo G'joob: I just hosted the 74th edition of Ca.. #
  • Cult of Gracie with @amberrhea in 30 minutes ~ Wo0t! #
  • Laughing at @blogdiva ~ because I adore the Clintons. All three of them. #
  • Sounds like a plan! Like @aagblog I adore this idea from @alessia_brio #
  • I think my shows need to be longer... What's an hour when you're talking to @amberlrhea ?? Awesome! #
  • @CallieSimms Email or DM your digits and I will call asap #
  • @CallieSimms Where you at?? :( #
  • I may have talked @CallieSimms to death. #
  • @Joliedupre twittered: "Bill Clinton is an ass. " I don't see what you or the guy in the article does #
  • @Joliedupre Respectfully, but totally, disagree. Even if working on 2012, they want the the country to be here. TBC #
  • @Joliedupre But I'm glad we can talk about things, Jolie. :) #
  • @Joliedupre LOL You know, I miss talking with you. Too bad we can't sit together & sip wine and debate ~ and laugh. #
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