Friday, September 26, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • XXBN Post XXBN Special Show: Live Broadcast With Johannes Grenzfurthner From Arse Elektro.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: XXBN Post Carnival Of The Liberals, #74 #
  • @CallieSimms Hope we can talk (or email) more about it all again soon. :) #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: New LGBT Blogger Group : Posted By gracie New Google group for .. #
  • Posted buttons for @NYCSexBlogCal at 3 blogs ~ it was easy, you should do it too ;) #
  • @amberlrhea As discussed last night, I've done that thinking in the shower thing & intend to post, but... #
  • @Joliedupre Of course your nice and funny! Who doesn't get that?! #
  • @Joliedupre You'll even forgive me using "your" instead of "you're" lol #
  • Sex~Kitten: Arse Elektronika Conference: Do Androids Sleep With Electric Sheep? : XXB.. #
  • @SilentPornStar Thanks! I had a blast and keep thinking about a few of Amber's points... Good thing she'll be back ;) #
  • @NYCSexBlogCal Looks good, thanks! #
  • @amberlrhea delicious auto posting is like that man you dump, who shows up later to "Oh, baby, please" you :p #
  • Waiting to get the info re: conference is killing me. Piss, or get off the pot, damnit. #
  • @audaciaray Why not hire an escort and relax? #
  • Internal conflicts + external stressors = cranky bitch. I'm giving myself a time out. G'bye for now. #
  • @audaciaray OK the money thing may be real; but the libido thing is a huge excuse, you know that. Escorts can have 0 to do with libido/sex #
  • Now that I've tough-loved the lovely @audaciaray I really am outta here ~ for the good of all :p #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: Are You Normal About Sex? : Posted By gracie You Are 90% Normal.. #
  • Looking for sex toy store sponsorship for websites. If interested, DM me for details. #
  • @CallieSimms meet @sisterstalk Now dish, ladies :p #
  • @smuttysteff Good for you (and can I borrow some? lol) #
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