Saturday, September 27, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • Ever edit your work only 2 realize you just ruined everything? Should have saved the original just 2 show it 4 the crap it was :sigh: #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: XXBN Post XXBN Special Show: Live Broadcast With Joha.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Special XXBN Show Tonight: I'll be speaking with Johannes Grenzfurthn.. #
  • Once again, today is the day the conference final answer will be given. I'm not holding my breath; but do have fingers crossed... #
  • @inkserotica How'd I miss you here before?! Well, hello! #
  • @RConnelly I've done that when editing the works of others; but not with my own... I shall have to treat myself with such respect. #
  • @CallieSimms No, but I bet your assistant thinks it is :P #
  • @RConnelly OK, Mom :p Why is she always right? Memo to my harddrive: more saved drafts on the way! #
  • Off to phone conference ~ will leave Twitter now so I'm not distracted :p #
  • @TrailerTrashGrl I almost forgot yahoo chat still existed. Next folks will remind me of AO-Hell :p #
  • @tastytrixie Yeah, email exchanges for more in-depth info than the cut-n-paste script provides suck. #
  • @SilentPornStar #
  • @SilentPornStar Made you Twitter *neener neener* #
  • @SilentPornStar Dude, keep quiet or @RConnelly will pull this car over #
  • @RConnelly @SilentPornStar I told you! #
  • @RConnelly @SilentPornStar Tho spanking are nice ~ Me first! #
  • @Mercy @SilentPornStar Not! #
  • @RConnelly @SilentPornStar I do have my own, *butt* will try new things :p #
  • OK, phone conference to begin for *real* this time. Behave while I'm away (I don't want to miss anything lol) #
  • @Alessia_Brio Might I suggest BlowFish? @BlowfishTwitter and/or @Xof #
  • @audaciaray re: "4 years ago I wouldn't have believed that I'd be 100% out as a sex worker, including at job interviews." *shocking* #
  • Am waiting until the flight confirmation arrives to celebrate, but *knock wood* the mainstream conference is a go! #
  • Is no techie, only understands every 3rd post from @timoreilly #
  • @RConnelly @SilentPornStar Sorry I missed all the fun ;) #
  • @gmcalpin How can Diane Keaton, Liv Tyler etc make the biggest train wreck of the year when there's Palin/McCain? #
  • Like everyone else, am thinking of submitting: #
  • @amberlrhea Safe flight wishes for you! (Widget will arrive via email today, promise) #
  • @DPopTart Thanks for the plug! #
  • @CatalinaLoves "IHOP on Cox" Thanks for the giggle! #
  • Hey, Clash, should I eat or should I nap now? #
  • @SilentPornStar Only I never said it ~ could never say it ~ in 140 characters or less lol #
  • @SlipOfAGirl Aw, I don't bully you that badly do I? :p #
  • Don't forget after the debates to listen to my interview w/ Grenzfurthner from Elektronika Conference tonight! #
  • @intheloop Do you honestly think there are any undecided folks left? "I don't care" folks, maybe; but not "undecided." #
  • @charleswinters Thanks for the add. How have I not been to before? #
  • @gmcalpin Yeah, I figured ~ but it's so much more fun to mock McCain/Palin & bust yer nuts too :p #
  • @CallieSimms Could use a wee bit O talk with the Callie lady... Is she about? #
  • Has 123 followers; I *hate* it when numbers do that ~ it's unnatural, I tell you! Must + or - a follower or will go insane... #
  • @musns Who you callin' 'nilla, wafer? :p #
  • Cult Of Gracie I Smoke-Out Genia: I've known Genia of SistersTalk for years now. We'.. #
  • @CallieSimms I just left you a message on the tellie :p Pls try to call me before Monday... #
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