Sunday, September 28, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • Saturday, a heavy phone day. We must all have free weekend minutes :p #
  • @charleswinters I *do* thank you for alerting me to the error of my ways. I shall bookmark right away :p #
  • @musns I forgive you, with tiny nail-rakes down your spine. #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: Arse Elektronika Conference: Do Androids Sleep With Electric She.. #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: Pin Up Artist Charlene Lanzel On Cult Of Gracie : Posted By Sil.. #
  • Courtesy of @aagblog Spanking your cat: #
  • @aagblog Jinx! #
  • @aagblog sent this: I had a lover like that once. Just once. #
  • @essinem It's all on @aagblog She's killing me with her pussy video collection. #
  • @TrailerTrashGrl Doesn't it just kill you to have so much anticipation for a tiny moment of "meow"? ;) The silly kitty videos slay me too #
  • @jillbrenneman Email re: phone convo sent! #
  • Loving all the beautiful strong women I know. (no offense, boys) #
  • @jillbrenneman Sometimes, when we're both acting like grown-ups, I'm sooooo shocked #
  • gawd help me, I love Rainbow In The Dark. Headbanging commences. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: Ever edit your work only 2 realize you just ruined ev.. #
  • @mediabistro Ogilvy 360's 'Your Brand and the Blogosphere: 5 Statistics You Should Know' is interesting... TBC #
  • @mediabistro But since I wasn't asked... Well, I'm skeptical. Who wasn't included, what data is missing? #
  • Realize I am likely talking to a feed. And being difficult too yet. But, that's just another "beauty of me" point. #
  • @Alessia_Brio I am and shall always remain an a-musing conversation *piece* :p #
  • @mediabistro I have ~ followed link from the Ogilvy link you twittered ;) (Thanks for not making me talk to a feed lol) #
  • I'm so helpful; I'm DMing @Alessia_Brio to death. #
  • Gmail's showing me I didn't use those words. They don't belong together either. Are you trying to tell me something? #
  • @lizriz LOL Well, maybe they'll learn something ~ not just about you either ;) #
  • @damienbasile That was Greek to me :p #
  • I get the best DMs, I swear. Much love to @avflox #
  • & now back to writing before @museumfreak kicks my butt #
  • @lizriz Amazing how complicated Tab A & Slot B can be, huh :p #
  • @xenijardin @damienbasile and *world* I keep hoping I'll wake up and Palin will just be me dreaming of 1 long SNL sketch. My odds? #
  • @damienbasile Puns are the lowest form of humor (I've got that in writing in a vintage English text); but I excel at them. Purely for spite. #
  • @gapingvoid Perhaps they do not appreciate the anklet sock with high-heels. That helps one appreciate ZZ Top. #
  • @essinem Pierced tongue on yer cake? A person's or a decoration? #
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