Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • @twistedmonk Ah, but will you have sweaty armpits when they do call? :p #
  • @lizriz Sure you were only dancing? (Or is that what the kids are calling it nowadaze? lol) #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: XXBN Post Cult of Gracie Radio With Genia Stevens tin.. #
  • Sex~Kitten: Women's Liberation Begins With Woman's Liberation : I'm here to free myse.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy: Edition #9 of the F.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Urban Outfitters Shelves Women: I wanted to do a quick Banned Books W.. #
  • Started watching '74 A Tree Grows In Bklyn (I loved the book, never saw any film) but "Oh Papa!" I forgot how annoying Pamelyn Ferdin was. #
  • Yes, I am aware is is the Jewish holiday; but *you* told me the date & time you'd call, & you told me I'd have the docs prior to the call. #
  • @Mediamum retweet: "Frequency and loyalty are key factors in marketing. I wish ppl would focus on them and not simply on numbers." I agree #
  • @Mediamum But we also need numbers to evaluate; growth for example. #
  • I think my cell needs a trip to the Dr.... It has stopped ringing & goes right to vm more than 1/2 the time. Nasty. #
  • @RedLightChicago Super! Is that for the art show Charlene Lanzel was talking about? #
  • @karsh At least it's not paper... they're killing the little pixels not trees. #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: Women's Liberation Begins With Woman's Liberation : Posted By L.. #
  • @SistersTalk ROFL (No, honestly it's sad.) #
  • @RConnelly didn't you know @SilentPornStar is a twitter slacker? :p #
  • @RConnelly Sounds like something which should happen via DM or email? #
  • @aagblog Just givin you a hug. (I wanted to bitch about the ick, but figured that'd only make things worse. So a hug you get.) #
  • Just spoke on the phone with a reporter at Columbia Chronicle re: Pirates II porno. What fun! #
  • @scarletlotus When I worked in bookstores, the erotica/sexuality sections were always a mess ~ the old "Quick! Stash it!" response. #
  • @scarletlotus Every bookstore seems to have organizational pref, some of which are unfathomable even to those who work there ;) #
  • @RConnelly Email me? Need more than 140 to have this convo lol #
  • @CurvaceousDee Wo0t! And welcome to the non-union :p #
  • Must eat. Ta-ta for now! #
  • @SlipOfAGirl wants to know: A good - and *easy* - way to track dates online - a reminder service to help me track advertiser renew dates? #
  • Can I just say that I've long been underwhelmed with the Village Voice. Maybe it's where I live. But the site is wonky/ugly. And... #
  • And the Village Voice axing isn't surprising me. I support the axed victims; but the action doesn't surprise me. #
  • This is all likely why I'm rarely sitting at the cool kids' table. Shutting up now. #
  • @SilentPornStar Yeah, but it ain't the rings & bells! lol #
  • @pantherapardus Dude, I like almost understand that. I hope it's just a "Today's phone glitch" thing & I can forget about it. #
  • @SistersTalk Correction, you'll be discussing the Smoke Free issue with me tomorrow at 9pm central. #
  • XXBN Post Your Football Fantasy, Two Femmes Talk Football #
  • @CR_LF Seriously. The minute I turn my back, that's what you're up to? lol #
  • @RConnelly Dude, that's messed up. :p (Emailing you ~ again!) #
  • @CallieSimms Outta gas? Outta words? You've been so quiet... ;) #
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