Saturday, October 4, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • @Macala Wax on, with your poetic self :) #
  • Desperately Seeking Sponsorship, need not be named Susan. ;) #
  • @aagblog = the superkewl Laura of AAG As noted in my recent professional email, no less; so it's for real, y'all. #
  • @amberlrhea I can offer ~ a boudoir of each's own ;) Or, maybe hosting in a more technical definition if you want less "me" #
  • If it weren't for Adam Ant, I'm not sure how I'd make it thru some days. #
  • Yes, I'm on a serious 80's kick. But then, I'm old :p #
  • @unspeakableaxe That voting plan is horrid! If McCain has 4 (more) years, would Hillary even want that job? How many of us would survive? #
  • @pantherapardus The last CD I have is Wonderfu; not sure if there's anythign past that. Desperate But Not Serious remains a personal mantra #
  • @EssinEm Read it *every* day? That's a huge commitment ;) #
  • @debaucheddiva It works, but you have two "/"s there at the end #
  • @amberlrhea & @reginalynn That's true with most any genre ~ sex just has less places to be published to begin with #
  • Sex~Kitten: High-Five Fridays, The Banned Book Week Edition : Celebrating Banned Book.. #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: High-Five Fridays, The Banned Book Week Edition : Posted By gra.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Today's Delicious Links: Today's Delicious Links Links for 2008-10-02.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie The Flip-Side Of Sex Worker Discrimination: Lingerie model Joy Sartin.. #
  • @audaciaray My (long & perhaps unlovable) comment is awaiting moderation ;) #
  • @SistersTalk So what you are saying is that you love the writer(s) of House. So say that then ~ writers can never have too much love :p #
  • @SistersTalk Arg! You gotta give the people who create the character(s) their props! That includes writers :p #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: "What does the economic crisis mean for prostitutes?" .. #
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