Sunday, October 5, 2008

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  • Sex~Kitten Talk: Searching For 80's Fashion & Nostalgia In Porn : Posted By Sile.. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: @Macala Wax on, with your poetic self :) # Desperatel.. #
  • @amberlrhea Yeah, that's flagged for further Gracie Review (today or as soon as I get the rest written) GRRRR #
  • Puh-leeze submit something for the Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy #
  • @amberlrhea You can help the SEO thing by using a nice big alt tag :p #
  • I must leave Twitter ~ too many links to read which lead to rants & I've already too much to write about! #
  • The wunderful thing about Twitter is Twitters are wunderful things! Ta-ta for now :p #
  • Cult Of Gracie Today's Delicious Links: Today's Delicious Links Links for 2008-10-03.. #
  • XXBN Post Cult of Gracie Radio With Callie Simms #
  • @jbrotherlove re: Coporate vs. Personal Presence on social networks ~ In this day of personal branding, is there much of a difference? #
  • @SistersTalk I don't like outsourcing anywhere. No jobs here? Who can buy your (cheaper?) goods? Simple econ 101. #
  • Outsourcing is the same old colonization strategy, just with new tactics. #
  • @SistersTalk OK, so let's just say the outsourced product is cheaper. Cheaper is still more expensive than 0, which is what unemployed have. #
  • @jbrotherlove @amberlrhea Person or company, your behavior should be the same. It's never all about "you" regardless who the "you" or ID is #
  • @SistersTalk Bullshit. CEOs take a cut, keep jobs here while you sort our your market/company/product issues. #
  • Outsourcing is a short term "fix" which creates long term problems ~ on top of those which already existed. #
  • @jbrotherlove Shouldn't, ideally, your spokes person (corp id or person) be as dynamic as your target & existing clients? #
  • @jbrotherlove I see it as a issue of properly matching. #
  • @DamienBasile They sure aren't ~ esp in my biz lol #
  • @jbrotherlove RT: People who can affect your livelihood do not share that ideology ~ Don't I know it! lol #
  • @SistersTalk I know; I'm just being the opinionated B I am. :p #
  • @Macala She lives! #
  • Have to take niece to celebratory dinner (she made the school play!) Be back soon! Feel free to miss me like crazy. #
  • Thinking how to best give @CallieSimms a respectful *whap* of disagreement... I'm thinking blog post. :p #
  • @CallieSimms cuz you knows I luvs ya #
  • @CallieSimms Yeah, that's what I meant & have a few comments... But you *knew* I would :p #
  • The problem with dinner is you return to a full inbox ~ that you spent the afternoon emptying/dealing with. #
  • When @CallieSimms calls me Ms Passette I get all tingly *there* #
  • @SistersTalk LOL After our phone convo re: SEO my mind is spinning for you :p #
  • Marketing Whore Says Read, You Will: Links from my Delicious Bookmarks: Overs.. #
  • @abartelby I had added you to my delicious network prior to this desperate plea of yours ~ do I get extra cake? #
  • Marketing Whore Says Adults Embracing & Embedding Facebook In Wordpress Blogs:.. #
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