Thursday, October 16, 2008

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  • Sex~Kitten: Fetish! Erotic Fiction By John Gordon : It is the mid-1960s and London is.. #
  • @mlfoley No, I've not seen "Hardgore" ~ I'm not a fan of 'gore' but with Halloween... #
  • @Alessia_Brio I keep scheduling a break-down... But stuff comes up. #
  • @CallieSimms Did you get the agenda for tonight? #
  • @marcnobbs 100 bonus points for using "she was quite sexy for a rabbit" in normal conversation! #
  • @SistersTalk Ping me on Gchat? I want to post about the new blogger forum but have a few quick questions... #
  • No, local Obama campaign dialer, I won't attend a public debate thingy; I'll be on the radio :p #
  • @LScribbens Right back atcha! #
  • @RConnelly I blow off some serious time here at Twitter :p Seriously. It's like chatting at the kitchen table. #
  • @hangfirebooks An excellent find! #
  • I used to talk dwindling follower numbers to be prudes; now I realize they are, for the most part, spammers with ended accounts. Whore-ay! #
  • @aagblog Maybe you just need a good poo of your own :p #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: Coach Sappho's Podcast on Staying Sane In Uncertain Times : .. #
  • Cult Of Gracie Twitter Tweats: After a few days disconnected (intentionally unpluggi.. #
  • @CallieSimms & I at it again tonight: Covering SEO, blogs, writers "giving it away for free" & more! (no ginsu knives) #
  • @uncool01 Walking jehovah's witnesses in the rain. Sounds like a book title to me :p #
  • XXBN Post Cult Of Gracie Radio: Marketing Edition #
  • Sex~Kitten: Blog Action Day: Poverty & Choice : Today, October 15th, bloggers everywh.. #
  • Marketing Whore Says Cult Of Gracie Radio: The Marketing Whore Edition: Both C.. #
  • @SistersTalk Nu-uh. I didn't hear from you yet.... #
  • Patience is a virtue, possess it.... before the the other stuff possesses you. Right, Grandma? #
  • Crap. Must go to store for cigs ~ which means putting on a bra so's not to scare the little neighborhood kiddies. Or the bag boys. #
  • Sex~Kitten Talk: Callie Simms On Cult Of Gracie : Posted By gracie Both Callie S.. #
  • In 1 hour, @CallieSimms & I dish SEO, blogs, writers "giving it away for free" & more! (Sorry, no ginsu knives!) #
  • Wondering if McCain will wander around again, looking for his dog "puddles" #
  • every time mccains says "joe plumber" I add on "crack" #
  • wonder if 'depression' mccain has considered saving tin foil. maybe for a hat ~ and visor to shield his blinking eyes #current #
  • @CallieSimms Yeah! & neither of us blink lol #
  • history? uh-oh mccain will have to tell use personally #
  • Did you know McCain remembers Hanibal from his Carthage days? #mccain #
  • I would reach across the isle ~ to choke a few folks #
  • @ursulas if it looks like a possessed troll, smells like a possessed troll.. #
  • Where the hell are women's issues? choice? health care? bush has the worst record of legalizing misogyny & I want it discussed! #current #
  • @CallieSimms and others.. tonight's Cult of Gracie show call in number is 646.200.3136 (must wait 30 minutes y'all til we start) #
  • can I bitch slap mccain ~ just in writing. Oh, I just did #
  • raise taxes? he is mentally wandering tonight #mccain #
  • how can palin compete with biden for joe 6 pack or joe plumber? biden still takes the train for christ's sake #debate #
  • palin has united the nation ~ against her #
  • @bcompton RT: Back when they built McCain, the memory chips could only hold three sentences of talking points. #
  • RT myself: Where the hell are women's issues? bush has the worst record of legalizing misogyny & I want it discussed! #current #
  • @hodgman I don't think Palin understands much besides ambition & control. #
  • In 5 mins: @CallieSimms & I dish SEO, blogs, writers "giving it away for free" & more! (Sorry, no ginsu knives!) #
  • @RebeccaDeos Thanks for calling in & sharing! #
  • @PearlyWrites Nice to meet you & thanks for calling in & debating me when Callie blacked-out :p #
  • @CallieSimms Thanks, babe :) And you're right, we should see about doing this weekly (not weakly lol) #
  • @hewink RT: Word on women's rights. #
  • I guess I missed all the important #debate08stuff like Roe when I hosted my (ass kickin') show: #
  • @RebeccaDeos Oh ish. Now I'm rather glad I missed the faux feminist chatter. #
  • Just a few minutes 'til The Sarah Silverman Show! The sofa & I have a date ;) #
  • Poo, the Sarah Silverman Program's not on tonight. Darn those two nights a week season premiers; they confuszzle me so. #
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