Saturday, October 18, 2008

Twitter Tweats

  • Spending 24 hours buried in data & stats is not sexy for me. #
  • @LilitheMagdalen That's totally fine, dear ~ I love my name in print :p #
  • Counselor: You don't ask for help. Me: Yes I do. Her: No, not enough Me: Given that I don't 'ask all the time' I think once should be enough #
  • Her: You should ask earlier. Me: So the earlier 'no' can send me off earlier. :snort: #
  • Her: You need to ask earlier & more often. Me: Yes, what I need is to be ignored earlier and more often. Her: a long sigh and this face :/ #
  • Me: I told you I was petulant today. Her: Just today? #
  • @audaciaray Will new job allow you to pay for sex worker services? :p #
  • @audaciaray Dude, I'm so totally green with envy! #
  • Someone/thing from Limelight Networks s going thru every page at SK. I don't think it's a bot based on use of site search, but... #
  • @1928jewelry Why can't "I" be for the self? Women tend to forget that too freakin' often. #
  • Sex~Kitten: Erotica By Jeremy Edwards: "Vivian's Checklist" : Vivian's favo.. #
  • "World's First Known Dog Ate Big Game" I was like "Spot ate Twister?" Time to slow down & read better #
  • @LScribbens Time to inject ritilin in the eyeballs #
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