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Social Media, Channels & The “C” Word

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If this all seems more like it’s a Marketing Whore subject, it probably is. But I haven’t yet had/made the time to move that site to WordPress yet. So get over that point and onto the more upsetting stuff.

There was a tweet that went by today on Twitter on my Twitter stream that gave me pause. It was from Brian Clark of CopyBlogger:

Social media alone is pointless. It’s just a distribution channel. What are you spreading?

It would be easy for an old whore like me to make a joke comparing social media to disease, replacing the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) with the (perhaps trite and now old) Social Media Disease (SMD). The reason I didn’t wasn’t because I wanted to appear “fresh and hip” or even “classy” on The Twitter (after all, this will appear there), but because comparing social media to venereal disease, especially, as Clark worded it, would make social media, “the channel” of distribution through which things are “spread,” rather like a woman’s cunt.

Yes, I used the “C” word. Hear me out.

1) Social media is less like a dick and more like a pussy because it’s a powerful, desirable channel, the workings of which are far less visible and therefore more mysterious than the inyourface simplicity of dicks and other tangible mechanical things with obvious physical responses acting as evidence of use and manipulation.

2) Social media is less like a pussy and more like a cunt because the mystery of it, combined with desire to master and control it, leaves social media ripe for dreams of the taking of it, for fantasies of rape ~ and, when such plunder fails, for the derogatory dismissals of disgust when the user fails to make it shower them in the orgasm of money.

Why Social Media Is Like A Cunt

* Everybody uses it, few know how.

* When it is used wrong, things don’t go well, people never blame themselves; it’s the dirty or frigid channel that’s the problem.

* The less successful people are at handling their channels, the more they seek to legislate, limit and control them.

* While there are general solid principals of use, getting it “to work right” varies depending upon individual needs and desires; communication, experimentation and enthusiastic dedication is required.

* Asking to learn about how it works is uncomfortable and embarrassing to many; but honestly, not making the time to learn is something a person should be more embarrassed about.

* The old “seen one, seen ’em all” line is completely untrue. Find the one(s) which appeal to you.

* They are flexible and accommodating, but one does not suit all. Search for the right fit.  And some people will never ever be comfortable with them, no matter how they fake it.

* “Everybody” wants to get in there; but then makes derogatory statements and dismissive jokes about it.

* If they admit to enjoying it, they’re called sluts.

* When people do profit from it, they’re called whores.

* It’s only for the “hip” twenty and thirty-somethings: Others are too old to use it; as if their our needs die just because it’s something reserved for “the young” ~ but not too young, because it’s inappropriate and even dangerous for kids, and teens are kids.

* It’s not the number of people in, or who have been in, your channel that matters; it’s the quality of the connection that counts.

* If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Some are exclusive ~ and while waiting and working for it is admirable, you can still enjoy another.

* You don’t have to be monogamous, but you ought to be honest about your commitment.

* Use of it does not constitute ownership.

* When like touches like, i.e. your Twitter feed posts to Facebook, it’s considered by some to be unnatural. Like girl-on-girl action, some accept, some enjoy, others will be intolerant.

* There can be unintended consequences of using the channel. There are things in there which you may just catch and/or spread. Some can be treated; some you’ll carry for the rest of your life. Everybody knows engaging in activities in these channels carries risks, but folks pretend it won’t happen to them and willingly participate in unprotected acts and complain and blame the cunt, as if it acted by itself and raped them. (See education references.)

* Never put anything into them which can cause problems for yourself, for the channel, for others who also use the channel.


Author: Gracie

Gracie Passette is a sex worker, though no longer working directly with clients in the flesh; she now uses media to work with the issues of sexuality. Along with founding Sex Kitten, she runs Cult Of Gracie, curates sexuality, and is The Marketing Whore.

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