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LA Sex & Relationships Examiner Suzi Fox has begun a series of articles and interviews featuring sex workers and their sex work ~ and, yes, it’s positive! The series began with this quote at the start of the first article, Night Moves ~ The Life of a Phone Sex Operator, a three-part profile on Lynn, the phone sex operator behind Phone Sex Secrets:

For 20 years of my life I witnessed people, religious groups in particular, spinning stories about those who worked in the adult entertainment industry. They were very adept at stereotyping the sex workers with comments like: the people in that industry have been molested as children, as if that in and of itself lured them into such a “bad life”. They would suggest “these misguided people” were demonized, twisted, perverted and the reason husbands fell into sin and left their wives. Many of these religious people pride themselves in “exposing the darkness”. I thought it might be a nice twist to expose some of the darkness they have been promoting. It’s time to slay the stereotypes that have been created to keep the minds of people in boxes, lest they realize the truth. I have conducted these interviews in a non-judgmental way without preconceived notions or ideas about who they are and what they do.

This is the first article of a series in which you will read true life interviews of those who are Phone Sex Operators, Cam Girls, Dungeon Workers, Strippers, Escorts and more. You will hear their stories and for the first time ever you will know the truth about them, their relationships and their work. I invite you in to take a look at their world from their perspective.

Yours truly is also included in this series (Undercover Lover Part One, Part Two, Part Three) and a few others you might be familiar with are also slated for interviews, so keep an eye out on the series and feel free to add to the conversation with your comments ~ it’s nice to support positive sex work media coverage.

Author: Gracie

Gracie Passette is a sex worker, though no longer working directly with clients in the flesh; she now uses media to work with the issues of sexuality. Along with founding Sex Kitten, she runs Cult Of Gracie, curates sexuality, and is The Marketing Whore.

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