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Call For Papers: Special Issue on Sex Trafficking in Sociological Perspectives


The following is a call for papers (links added by yours truly).

Dear Colleagues,

We (Barb Brents, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Kari Lerum, University of Washington, Bothell) are guest editors for a special cluster (half issue) of Sociological Perspectives on “Sex Work and Human Trafficking. Sociological Perspectives is the journal of the Pacific Sociological Association (Editors: James Elliot and Robert O’Brien, University of Oregon).

The idea for a special issue with both a sociological and a regional focus came out of two recent sociology meetings: 1) the “Sex Work and Trafficking” workgroup at American Sociological Association Sexualities section pre-conference (Denver 2012) which produced a working paper describing the state of the field and the need for more empirical research (see attached PDF), and 2) the Pacific Sociological Association meetings in Reno, Nevada (2013), which featured several sex work and human trafficking scholars and generated interest from audience members for more sociologically driven analyses of sex work and human trafficking.

Because Sociological Perspectives is the official journal of the Pacific Sociological Association, we are particularly interested in empirical and theoretical articles focusing on questions, data and analysis of issues located and grounded within the Pacific Sociology Association region. [The PSA region includes: Arizona, Alaska, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Mexico (Pacific region), Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington]. High quality articles with a focus outside the PSA region will also be considered.

While the issues of both sex work and human trafficking have captured the attention of policy makers, film makers, journalists, activists, and increasingly also many researchers, until recently the prevalent public discourse on sex work and human trafficking has virtually ignored contributions and insights from sociologists, particularly those with expertise in issues related to sex work and labor studies.

We seek articles to help to reverse this trend. In particular, as stated in a recent Sex Work and Trafficking position paper (see attached PDF), we are most interested in articles that “do not simply query ‘why’ people engage in sexual commerce, but rather advances our understanding of how sexual commerce can be understood as a key part of larger historical, institutional, (and global economic trends) and social processes.”

This special cluster of articles in Sociological Perspectives will help to highlight sociological angles onto these important regional and global political concerns.

Interested? Email Kari Lerum ( and Barb Brents ( with your proposed titles and abstracts by October 1, 2013. If selected, your full manuscripts will be due on January 31, 2014 and will go through standard peer review processes prior to being accepted for publication.

Very best regards,

Kari Lerum, University of Washington, Bothell & Barb Brents, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Author: Gracie

Gracie Passette is a sex worker, though no longer working directly with clients in the flesh; she now uses media to work with the issues of sexuality. Along with founding Sex Kitten, she runs Cult Of Gracie, curates sexuality, and is The Marketing Whore.

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