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“Dumb Sluts Don’t Understand Obama Care”: Myth-Information Regarding Sex Workers & The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


Well, that’s pretty much what Warner Todd Huston said at Wizbang:

The prostitutes of Nevada’s Bunny Ranch love Obamacare. But if a recent interview with them are any indication, they don’t seem to have a clue what it is all about.

The prostitutes appeared on Reno’s KRNV TV full of praise for Obamacare ladled on as thick as their makeup. At least two of the girls were gushing about how great Obamacare is and how they fully support it.

And then the article continues to make fun of everything from sex worker names to their preexisting conditions. Grrr.

Whatever his problem is, the truth is that Huston really is the ignorant one.  Because while he is busy mocking those women and their work, his longest diatribe is on how these women won’t qualify for the insurance subsidies:

You see, you only get subsidies if you make much less than the average American income (which is just over $50,000 a year).

The official poverty rate for a single person is only $11,500 a year. For a family of four it is only $23,500. Now, Dennis Hoff, the owner of the Bunny Ranch, has said that the Bunny Prostitutes can make $50,000 in a month, much less a year. But even if they did only make the national average they make far too much to qualify for any subsidy as a single person.

So, for all the wonderfulness that is Obamacare, it will cost these girls many thousands more than they think.

Let’s see how great they think Obamacare is when they find out how much it’s going to cost them!

And what he’s stated is simply not true. Here are some facts:

1. Even if you want to believe that Hoff Hof, the brothel owner, actually made that statement (Huston offers no link or source) and that the statement is accurate (and not just braggin’ for his own reasons), there’s that word “can” ~ as in workers at his brothel “can make” that amount. In reality, “can make” is not a statement of fact regarding what all of the women working at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch earn.

2. Huston’s numbers for government subsidies for Obama Care are wrong. According to the official website:

You could be eligible for lower costs on health coverage based on your income and household size. However, you generally won’t qualify if your estimated 2014 income is above:

  • $45,960 for an individual
  • $94,200 for a family of 4

Even if we accept the $50,000 as a ballpark for earnings, these women could still receive subsidies. Especially as we don’t know family size, total family income, etc.

3. One of the whole points of the Affordable Care Act, was to create a more fair insurance marketplace ~ not only by increasing competition and therefore lowering the premiums, but by addressing the sex discrimination. Before this legislation, women often had much higher premiums than men ~ that’s not allowed anymore. The Affordable Care Act is already lowering premiums.

Even if these women should fail to meet the criteria for subsidies, there now is more affordable coverage.

4. These women had no ~ as in zero, zip, nada ~ insurance before. Not only for any existing health conditions, not only for accidents and emergencies, but nothing to cover preventative health care, birth control medications, etc. Health insurance, especially affordable health insurance, beats no health insurance.

Those are the facts.

It should also be noted that in the news story at KRNV, the owner of the Nevada brothel discusses (bemoans) the fact that he may well have to start providing health insurance ~ perhaps not for the sex workers, who are considered independent contractors, but for all of his employees:

But raves for the Affordable Care Act stops with the girls. Brothel owner Dennis Hof is not a fan. He thinks coverage for the girls is good, but he is less than thrilled the new law lumps his seven small and separete businesses together that may require him to provide health care coverage. Hof said; “I have mixed feelings. I’m glad the girls are going to be able to get affordable healthcare coverage but as a businessman, I’m really concerned.” Hof owns seven brothels, a strip club, restuarants and a truck stop. He says each has about 15 employees adding; “There’s one common thread. I’m the sole stockholder but because I’m the owner for all these different businesses, they lump them together.” He said; “What am I going to do? I’m either going to have to spend a lot of money on health insurance because the rates are going up or I’m going to have to face severe penalties, so I’m really perplexed about all of this.”

If Hof would just pay attention, he might note that, because of the Affordable Care Act, insurance rates are not going up. And he should know that unhealthy, stressed, employees hurt his business and cost money.

Know the facts. Get educated; get insured.

Author: Gracie

Gracie Passette is a sex worker, though no longer working directly with clients in the flesh; she now uses media to work with the issues of sexuality. Along with founding Sex Kitten, she runs Cult Of Gracie, curates sexuality, and is The Marketing Whore.


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