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The Cult Of Gracie is run by me, Gracie Passette, founder of Sex-Kitten.Net.

What I originally wrote about this blog when it started, on April 7, 2005:

As humans, we alone reach for God. But we do not live in a vacuum ~ We simultaneously live in a culture & a physical place.

I’ve long been interested in how governments use religion as a way to control people ~ Interested & horrified. Sometimes a religion has crusaded in, forcing the choice to be acceptance or death; & other times it has slowly wound it’s way around, little by little choking & limiting movement.

And this is true with sexuality.

Sex (gender) and sexual acts are often limited, directed, & dictated by political movements which use faith as a means to legitimize the laws passed & actions taken. Acts which take away freedoms. If you aren’t able to control your own sexuality, how free are you?

And what about using your sex (acts or gender label) as a means to dismiss you from being able to practice your faith? What can be lower than preventing the means by which humanity transcends to become divine, and limiting who can achieve such enlightenment based on gender &/or sexual acts?

People naturally want to come together to learn, to share, to have a sense of community with folks who feel/believe/explore as they do. However, groups of people tend to organize. ‘We’ make hierarchies ~ who is closer to God, who has access to what. In these simple acts of organization, power is distributed, & denied. Where there is power, there are battles for control of it, there are options for use of it.

This then so easily flows into the secular world, into government & politics, where power can be multiplied. Start reading again from the top…

These are some of the questions & connections I’ll explore here.

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