2/1/2006 17:35:06

Smokers are the new lepers.

It is not enough that we are to be lectured to, but we encourage kids to lecture their parents (let's all say 'hello' to increased abuse cases!)

We are banned from health care ~ or at least charged more for insurance with claims that we are unhealthy and therefore higher risk. I won't get started on how this is contradictory to what health insurance is to be for & the ethics involved in such matters. But I will point out how this is not done to other groups of 'unhealthy persons,' such as 'fatties,' at risk for many diseases & complications. Nor will I get into the 'proof' that smoking kills. For now, I just want to focus on the brief soundbytes of how smokers are shunned. (How very 'blogger' of me.)

We are legislated in where we may or may not smoke. Not just publicly shunned, but in private as well as some states are entertaining laws against smoking in homes, cars etc.

Yes, we are the socially & politically ostracized: the lepers of our time.

I often wonder, if Jesus were alive, would he kiss our unclean fingers?

Politically speaking, I've often pondered the legislation of our own rights to use a legal substance. It starts with 'us' and it ends where? Hitler banned smoking you know.

If we smokers are addicts, then where is our help? There are clinics, rehabs, programs both inpatient & outpatient for other addicts. There are plenty of programs for those addicts who are uninsured. But have you seen or heard that Betty Ford helps smokers? I thought not.

They tell us smoking kills ~ and there is actually more proof that genetics determine cancer than smoking does. And they tell us this is an addition ~ one that is stronger than heroine. Yet they do nothing to help, but instead berate & legislate.

This pisses me off enough. But as a woman, I'm even more pissed off. For they know, they can prove, that smoking addictions are much more likely to happen to women, and that women have much more difficulty quitting. Smoking + Woman = (Stronger than Heroine)N.

So this makes me wonder how much of this leper attitude has to do with gender more than anything else? Is this really an attack on women?

While I ponder this (cig in hand as I am a smoker), there are folks doing more than thinking.

Sluts Against Butts are rebelling against the tobacco corporations, seeing their attitudes of anti-smoking as liberating.

As one who enjoys her smokes, I don't think I'll join. But I will keep an eye on them.

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