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Sex, Politics & Religion

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Neato feed above, huh? Get on it here, and grab the code for your site here ~ hey, it's free & naughty!

The Unholy Trinity, where I am but 1/3 of the madness.

Red Blooded Thing, I fuck this man at least daily. (He does have a mind too!)

Porn-Opine "has Prickly Porn that rubs me the wrong way."

Darker Pleasures - The Ramblings of a BDSM Webmaster where my friend Matt shares his "offtimes R-rated personal, social, and political thoughts, rants, and other mindless observations."

Dr Suzy Block's Blog: Go ahead, commit Bloggamy!

Jude Mason's Blog, where the erotica author journals and shares her wicked imaginings.

Con-Sensual-Sex, where consentual & sensual meet... or do they?

Pinkie & Blackie: Her ass is pink, his paddle is black!

Silent Porn Star: The legnds of porn, in porn; it's legacy in objects and objectifying; our eternal quest for gratification. For historians, collectors and those who like smutty things.


If you are an adult webmaster, or using the internet for promoting your adult entertainment, you might want to check out these gems I moderate:

Selling Sex On The Web Community
Working With The Adult Web Newsletter


Air America Radio, which is home to my fav political radio show, The Majority Report, which has the wonderful Janeane Garofalo.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart In 2004 this show won the Outstanding Achievement in News and Information award (by the Television Critics Association), beating out traditional news shows in the category.

Howie: "An educational vignette about progressive change and passive survival. Read it. You might learn something."

Michael Moore ~ I don't like every damn thing he says, but I always like the scrappy 'tude.

Pop Politics, a blog, where "Poular & Political Cultures Meet."

Instant Senator Phone Number Lookup

(Look-up courtesy of usalone.com, contact them if you'd like one on your site!)


Religion News Blog: "Religion news about religious cults, sects, world religions, and related issues."

Mystic Cowboy, "news, links, quotes, inspiration and commentary concerning religion, mysticism and the state of the world."

The Gnosis Archive, the best site for Gnostic materials ~ & it's free.


Movies In My Mind: She shares her dreams & dares us to tell her what they mean. (Honestly, a very strange blog.)

Infomercantile, "Why make up satirical news stories? The real stuff is just as good."

FeministBlogs.org, which, is rather like it says *wink*

The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe, "inspecting the global underbelly: privacy, money laundering, espionage."

From Hell to Breakfast: Kim Ficera's blog. Go read it.

BlackGayBlogger.com: It's clever, it's social commentary, it's erotica reviews, it's personal.

Blogs By Women, so many women, so many blogs, so many thoughts!

Penile Code Avenger: "Exposing the heartbreak that lies in the center of existance for women & mothers who survive domestic violence & abuse."

Victorian Sex Machine: "Ruminations of a Decidedly Modern Lady."

Boiler Yard Their Mission ~ "To let opposing views stand in counter-point, and then go on our merry way. Make your argument clear, make it stick, then get over it."

Culture Cat: Rhetoric & Feminism


My Book Crossing List

Sex Kitten Reading Area, with book reviews & author interviews.

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